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Cash rules everything around you and there’s no better way to score a large batch of it than by playing Milk the Cash Cow, an exciting 3-reel slot that’s your ticket to striking it rich. Like the farmer milks his cow to pay his bills, your spins will be milking this cash cow to make it start squirting cash. Savor the rewards that this one-of-a-kind cow provides and keep your eyes open for the Cash Cow symbols that multiply your winnings. So hit the dirt and spin away to start milking your way to riches.

Milk the Cash Cow

Milk the Cash Cow is a three reel, one payline, 3 coin slot machine. There is a wild, multiplier symbol in this slot game. The Maximum payout is 10,000 credits and it only pays when all three coins are in play (Bet Max).

Wild Multiplier Symbol

The Cash Cow symbol is wild and it will substitute and multiply the winning combination. One Cash Cow symbol will triple the payout of any winning combination it completes. Two Cash Cow symbols will triple the payout of any winning combination they complete. Three Cash Cow symbols will trigger the jackpot. The payout is shown on the Paytable.

Payout Schedule

The number of credits that are won is dependent on the bet amount as well as the winning combination on the payline once the Reels have stopped spinning.

For example, if the payline shows you won three credits, and you have wagered 3 coins at 1 each, you win 3. You win the number of credits multiplied by your bet size.

General Button Descriptions

  • Spin – Begin wager using the current bet amounts.
  • Select Coins – Choose the number of coins wagered per active line.
  • Bet Max – Selects the maximum number of lines and maximum coins per line. Begins wager immediately.
  • Auto – Allows multiple spins to be played automatically. This feature is only available during Real Play.

The expected payback for this game of chance is about 95.00%.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.