Chance Hill casino overview: Chance Hill led a troubled life in the beginning with financial issues causing major withdrawal delays and eventually the owners just leaving the casino to rot away while they focussed on their newer project. Thankfully another casino group came in and snapped up Chance Hill and saved it from deaths door. Promised were made by the new owners that it would grow bigger and better over time, with a sportsook among other new features. So far though this has not come to fruition yet. Still, this is a casino running on a decent platform and with decent owners running the show.

Trusted Casino dot com Ratings:

  • PC Rating —————- 70%
  • CM Rating —————- 91%
  • TP Rating —————- 78%
  • UK Rating ————— 65%
  • OC Rating ————— n/a
  • RC Rating ————— 70%
  • CL Rating —————- 80%
  • LC Rating —————– 86%
  • Average Casino Rating ————- 3.9 (out of 5)

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About Chance Hill Casino

We love what we do: Chance Hill was founded in late 2015 by a group of young gaming enthusiasts in Madrid. The site grew popular thanks to its sleek design and great user interface.
In March 2017 Chance Hill and all it’s assets was acquired by a group of Scandinavian iGaming specialists, with the aim of further developing the brand and the product itself.
We also take pride in our customer support, and that’s why a member of our team will happily assist you. Anytime.
Play anywhere: Carefully crafted desktop, table and mobile versions.