XVG also known as Verge is privacy cryptocurrency which doesn’t really work. They made a huge splash in 2018 by asking their token holders to donate 3 million dollars in XVG to the developers so they could announce a major partnership. Sadly for those investors the partnership announcement was delayed for a month and their big annoucement was that they would become just an alternative payment for the PornHub website. Verge has since had two 51% hack attacks and many tests on PornHub have revealed that the payment option doesn’t even work.

This should all come as no surprise to anyone who does their own research as the CEO and chief developer of Verge XVG is a career failure who according to his Linkedin profile has so far produced 11 (yes ELEVEN) failed crypto projects / scams. To make matters worse you can even google the CEO’s criminal record which with 8 charges we know of to date doesn’t make for very pleasant reading.

Check out the Verge team they look like a trustworthy bunch don’t they, hiding behind anonymity… scam much? They also have a high profile partnership with TokenPay (TPAY) who if you do the research are about as reputable as Justin “Sunerok” “Vendetta” Vela himself. A partnership made in hell!

Despite all of this though, many crypto kids are still very passionate about the project and still don’t recognise it is a ponzi scheme. So for the uninformed or ignorant out there we have tried to find some reputable Verge casinos for you.

The Best Verge Casinos & XVG Casinos

Sorry, we didn’t find any reliable xvg casinos yet – hardly surprising since the Verge currency doesn’t work yet and keeps getting hacked

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About Verge Casinos XVG

Privacy as a choice. A secure and anonymous cryptocurrency.

Verge uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are fully obfuscated and transactions are completely untraceable.

We care about your privacy. Do you?


Verge uses multiple anonymity-centric networks such as TOR and I2P. The IP addresses of the users are fully obfuscated. The Core QT wallet has built-in TOR integration as well as SSL encryption which adds an extra level of security.


Verge is an open source project with an active team of developers from all over the world. The development team is always in close contact with the community. Verge is not a private company funded through an ICO or premining.


Low fees, quick transactions, high volume in circulation, multiplatform support, Wraith Protocol are the ingredients that make Verge perfectly positioned for mass adoption.


Wraith Protocol is a technology upgrade package that enables our users to be able to send and receive payments privately across our blockchain by enabling stealth addressing services. Additionally this update removes our QT wallet users of clearnet and migrates everyone to SSL enabled Tor.

Verge Casinos - The best Verge Casinos XVG

Build Your Own Casino Live With TokenPay (TPAY) And Verge (XVG) Integration

TokenGaming has launched a fully featured custom built gaming management platform featuring top titles from a wide spectrum of betting software developers, I can authoritatively state.

The brains behind the project state they have over 15 years as suppliers in the online gambling industry in Latin America. TokenGaming claims it has everything related to the gaming industry.

The unveiled platform will adopt TokenPay (TPAY) and Verge (XVG) using TokenPay Multisignature Transaction Engine Live.

The disclosure was made in a tweet by TokenPay:

“BUILD YOUR OWN CASINO Fully featured custom built gaming management platform with the top titles from a wide spectrum of betting software developers. TPAY and XVG payment integration coming soon with the TokenPay Multisignature Transaction Engine LIVE tokengaming.com.”

On the TokenGaming platform, there are over 50 products in casino, bingo, poker, virtual, sports and live casino. The firm is also able to develop customized platforms adaptable to the needs of any business model, with turnkey products and White Label solutions which are 100% adaptable to clients.

The platform offers online and land-based solutions, which makes all its products such as slots and sports usable in a game room, cybercafe and land base casinos.

The firm, which has a dependable market in all Latin America, gives clients the opportunity to accept crypto currency on their websites by integrating TokenGaming merchant through its state of the art API.

Among the crypto that would be accepted on platforms affiliated to TokenGaming are Verge (XVG) and TokenPay (TPAY). The two cryptocurrency, for sometimes now, have been working together on some projects.

The romance between the two platform started when Verge asked his users to contribute 75 million XVG (worth about $3.19 million) to enable it achieve the “largest cryptocurrency collaboration to hit the market.”

The donation, which Verge made like ‘crowdfund contest’, was proudly supported the most by TokenPay. The crypto platform donated 15 Million Verge XVG, the highest received during the crowdfunding.

TokenPay tweeted after the donation: “Big things happening with @vergecurrency. #VergeFam, we contributed 15,000,000 $XVG to the fundraising drive. #TokenPay & #VERGE are strong partners. Let’s help them hit their goal. http://Vergecurrency.com/donate.”

Then after the donation, the two platforms started working together. TokenPay team were present at the recent Verge Meet Up in Amsterdam.

Remember, when Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, who later became a friend to TokenPay’s CEO, Derek Capo, disparaged Verge XVG for inducing PornHub partnership “with money”, Capo was the first to condemn Charlie on the statement.

The disagreement resulted in TokenPay (TPAY) and Litecoin signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which analyst say it may be on acquiring shares in some banks where TokenPay has upper hand.

Derek Capo said in a tweet: “TokenPay CEO derekcapo Interview with Sean Davis. THE TPAY ECOSYSTEM EXPLAINED. XVG Deal LTC NDA Signed.”

At first, the agreement between the two firms is not clear, however, Charlie in a message to Finance Magnates confirmed that Litecoin is “exploring” the idea.

It is no news that Litecoin is serious about having a debit car. The cryptocoin just partnered with Wirex and produced a Litecoin debit card afterward.

Verge XVG Casinos

The cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG), recently made global headlines after becoming the first coin to be accepted as a payment option on PornHub.com. Verge is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that uses a range of new cryptographic technologies to allow users to make peer-to-peer and anonymous transactions. Anonymous transactions have an obvious benefit to those who wish to keep their spending habits private, and this privacy is alluring to many in the online casino market. There are other privacy cryptocurrencies available for casino gambling, including Monero and zCash, however for the purposes of this article the focus will remain on Verge.

Verge Fundamentals

Many users who wish to gamble with cryptocurrencies are also looking for the potential upside of the coin as an investment. This article should not be treated as investment advice, however it will provide some insight into the fundamentals of Verge and how it could provide a return on investment to those who hold it.

    • No fund raising through pre-mine or ICO

Very few cryptocurrencies have launched without a pre-mine (developers hoarding coins before launching publicly) or Initial Coin Offering (ICO). These strategies are legitimate ways to fund a project however should the project be successful, the average user is left at the mercy of a small group of hugely wealthy individuals. These individuals have the potential to manipulate the market or cause great volatility in the price of a coin. Verge have avoided this problem by opting not to go down the route of a pre-mine or ICO. Instead, Verge have been competitively mining XVG alongside the rest of the community.

    • Wraith Protocol

Verge understands that a privacy-only coin (such as Monero) may have considerable downsides in the future. In some instances, users may wish to make their transactions public (for example, if dealing with an escrow). Verge’s Wraith Protocol allows users to do just that; choosing – on a case by case basis – between privately or publicly broadcasting the transaction. Private transactions can be made using the Tor network, which is easily accessible through any one of the Verge Tor wallets outlined below.

    • Privacy-focused

By now it is clear that Verge’s unique selling point is in its privacy features. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple (XRP) and other highly popular cryptocurrencies face potential complications with their lack of privacy – real identities of users can be revealed from a history of transactions. Whilst some of these blockchains are introducing privacy features, their core protocol will always remain pseudonymous and Verge (along with other privacy coins) may quickly leapfrog them in terms of utility as a payment option.

Verge Casinos

Following the partnership of Verge and PornHub, XVG has gained a great deal of attention from the gambling market. As it currently stands, none of the casinos listed on TheBitcoinStrip.com accept the Verge cryptocurrency for deposits or withdrawals, however this page will be updated immediately once such news comes to light. The benefits of using Verge for both casinos and players alike cannot be underestimated, and may well improve upon Bitcoin due to the lower fees and faster transaction times that Verge provides.

Verge Wallets

If you are looking to start using XVG then the best place to begin is by downloading a wallet. These wallets all operate on the Tor network and are available on the following platforms:

  • Android
  • OSX
  • OSX (Electrum)
  • Windows
  • Windows (Electrum)
  • Linux (Electrum)

A Verge wallet for iOS is expected to be released soon.

Once a Verge wallet has been downloaded, users can purchase XVG at any of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. It is then advised that the coins are moved from an exchange to your newly downloaded Verge wallet for security purposes.